Why DIY When You Can DIFM?

The do-it-yourself mantra has swept the nation, inspired by everything from television networks like HGTV, to magazine articles on how to re-floor your living room, and YouTube channels demonstrating how to build your own shed. However, many people choose to leave home renovations to the professionals, thus creating a new acronym – DIFM or “do it for me.” This corresponds with the trends of an aging population, where the appeal of DIY projects is dropping, and home owners feel more comfortable hiring professionals for improvement projects.


Just because you can do it yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Certain jobs, like painting or mounting shelves may be cost-beneficial to complete yourself if you have the spare time. But fields that are specialized enough to have their own professionals – builders, plumbers, electricians, welders, etc. – do so for good reason. Here are a few reasons why opting for the “Do-It-For-Me” model may be smarter, safer and ultimately a better value:


Risks of DIY

The risks of playing the pro and tackling a project yourself range from wasted materials or time on the less severe side to serious injuries or permanent damage to your home if a job goes wrong. Home owners play a game of calculated risk when deciding to handle a project on their own. Are the chances of successfully completing it worth the risks of something going wrong? Qualified contractors and remodelers like Robinson Builders are covered by multi-million dollar liability insurance policies to protect you and your home should an accident occur.

accident at home: man has falling from ladder


Beyond years of valuable experience, a contracting company has all of the proper tools, equipment, licensure and certifications to do specific jobs. Home improvement professionals like Robinson Builders utilize all of the above to produce a high-quality finished product. They are well-trained and can work more efficiently with minimal errors, making their cost worthwhile for a job well done.  Professional home renovations will hold up well over time which means fewer repairs down the road.

Customer Shaking Hands With Builder

Golden Rules

When in doubt, there are three rules of thumb that are major signs that a job is too dangerous to DIY. These are:  if it could damage your home, if it requires a permit, or if you could be injured.  These red flags should never be ignored, and are signs that it is far safer to leave that project to a company who has the proper skills and expertise to handle for you.


Not sure if your project is DIY or DIFM? Our licensed professionals at Robinson Builders in Fort Worth, TX ensure better results with fewer risks as compared to tackling a project independently. Call us today at (817) 371-7514 to talk about your home remodeling needs.



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