Sliding French Doors…Beautiful Efficiency with a Classic Appeal

Your home is a wonderful place.  Your patio is a wonderful place. It follows that your patio door, the gateway between the home and the patio, should be similarly wonderful.

As a person planning on building a new home or remodeling an existing one, what do you think of when you imagine the most “wonderful” patio door? If you’re like many people, you think about a door that lets in natural light, maximizes space both indoors and outdoors, and operates with ease—all while remaining as energy efficient as possible. Sound like a dream (or perhaps just a very expensive door?)

The perfect patio door may be more accessible than you think.

These days, advanced materials and manufacturing techniques allow homeowners to install larger, more energy efficient patio doors at a reasonable cost.  While these doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, at Robinson Builders, we particularly like sliding French doors because of the way they combine the traditional appeal of the French door with the modern functionality of the sliding door.

 Exploring the Options.

Image courtesy of: Old House Web

Image courtesy of: Old House Web

Wood French doors (the type that swing) incorporate a large single pane of glass or multiple smaller panes and have been around for over 100 years.  These doors give the homeowner the abundance of natural light and classic beauty that are ideal in a patio door, but they do come with drawbacks. Along with the doors’ tendency to obstruct space either in the home (if they swing in) or outside (if they swing out), other disadvantages of traditional French doors include lack of energy efficiency and limitations in size.



image courtesy of: Wikipedia

image courtesy of: Wikipedia

The metal framed sliding glass door, a ubiquitous fixture in American homes since the 1940s, solves the French doors’ space obstruction disadvantage but is somewhat less aesthetically appealing and is even less energy efficient than its French counterpart. Sliding glass doors also tend to have track problems as they age.

 Is the Sliding French Door Right for You?

Combining the best of both worlds is the sliding French door. Produced as a 2, 3 or 4 panel system in various sliding configurations, this modern assembly maximizes the light entering a room without raising the electric bill and eliminates the inconvenience of swinging doors.

Robinson Builders recently installed the largest wood sliding French door system on the market today at a showcase home in Westworth Village.

sliding french patio door


Consisting of four separate 4 foot panels, of which the two middle panels slide outward, this massive assembly yields more than 100 square feet of glass area and includes a modern multipoint locking system that maintains an airtight seal. These homeowners are thrilled with the seamless look and feel of their sliding French door. We think it’s pretty “wonderful,” too.


With all of the well-priced, sustainable building materials and technology on the market today, you shouldn’t let yourself miss out on upgrading your patio door for the better. Whether it’s a sliding French door or perhaps one of the many other options out there, Robinson Builders is here to provide you with the beauty, ease and efficiency you want. Call or contact us today to schedule a remodeling and patio door installation consultation.



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