Are marble countertops your cup of tea?

“I saw the angel in marble and carved until I set him free.”- Michelangelo

marble is an age-old choice for beautiful art

When you think of marble countertops, what comes to mind? Classic appeal, luxury, versatility…stains? All of these things characterize this popular countertop choice for those who are building a new home or remodeling their kitchens or bathrooms.  The beauty of marble and its wide array of natural colors and textures mean that it is not likely to go out of style, and its affordability relative to mid-grade granite makes it all the more appealing to daring homeowners who are willing to put forth the effort to maintain it.  Let’s take a few moments to discuss the fundamentals, the pros, and the cons of installing marble countertops in a home. Are they right for you? (more…)

Sealing and Winterizing your Home

Stop air leaks before they put a toll on your comfort and your wallet this Winter.

Winterize your Home

If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to start getting your home ready for winter. In addition to getting your furnace checked out, we all know it is important to seal your home against air leaks by caulking doors and windows. Doing so not only keeps you and your family warm during those chillier months, it also saves you up to 30% in energy costs. Unfortunately, many well-meaning homeowners who try to seal their homes without help of a professional often overlook some sneaky, drafty spaces and pay a high price for it. When taking measures to keep Jack Frost out this Winter, take a cue from green building expert and President of Energy Vanguard Allison A. Bailes, and think: big…medium…small! Seal the bigger spaces first, the medium holes next, and the smallest culprits last. (more…)

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