Which Countertops Should I Choose?

One thing you learn quickly when building or remodeling a home is that many of the seemingly aesthetic choices made throughout the process are as much about form as they are about function. This is never truer than when deciding on the material and color of kitchen countertops. Countertops must both complement flooring and cabinets and fit the lifestyle and maintenance needs of your family. There are so many attractive options available to homeowners these days, but which one is right for you? (more…)

Top Tips for Choosing a Home Remodeler

choosing a home remodeler fort worthWhen inspiration or necessity strike and it’s time to remodel your home, finding the right contractor can be overwhelming. There are so many companies in the Fort Worth area who are vying for your business. How can you go about picking the one that best suits your situation, style and personality? Robinson Builders has some suggestions. (more…)

Seeing Red: Using Red in Your Home Renovation or Remodel

Earlier this year we let you in on a few of 2015’s up-and-coming interior color trends. This time we want to narrow the focus and discuss a color that many who are building or renovating a home are scared to incorporate: red.

Whether it’s scarlet, burgundy, rust, maroon, mahogany, or any of the other hundreds of shades of red, homeowners often shy away from it because they’ve heard that it can make a room feel smaller (not always true) or because it is too bold and ‘decisive’ a color. We’re here to tell you to embrace your favorite shade of red! (more…)

Love Your Laundry Room

With a Laundry Room Makeover…

No one loves doing laundry (and if you do, we’ve got a few baskets of clothes for your washing and folding pleasure), but making smart and stylish modifications to the laundry room is a way to make the process a little less tedious. (more…)

Interior Color Trends 2015: Through the Seasons

At Robinson Builders, we pride ourselves on combining strong technical building and remodeling prowess with an eye for design and style. After all, a home isn’t very “homey” without personal touches like interesting fixtures, custom cabinets and of course, a beautiful color scheme. In fact, changing paint color is one of the simplest ways to totally revamp the look and feel of a room. This year, earthy, natural colors are showing up on paint swatches and lookbooks everywhere. If you are building a new home, remodeling an existing one, or simply want a change of scenery, take note of these trendy (but timeless) hues inspired by nature and the four seasons. (more…)

The New Neutral Wall Color

Is Gray the New Beige?….

While colorful rooms and accent walls are the spice of life in home building and home remodeling, neutral walls are the aesthetic staple. For years, homeowners gravitated toward varying shades of white and beige. From eggshell to taupe to sand, variations of beige dominated the neutral landscape–until recently, that is. These days, more and more homeowners look to don their homes with shades of gray instead. Maybe the trend is a response to the romance trilogy of the same name? We’ll let you decide. (more…)

File This One Away for Later….An Antique Filing Cabinet as a Powder Room Vanity.

Have you ever come upon an old piece of furniture, whether in a consignment store, on the side of the road or perhaps in your own attic, that seemed interesting and useful, though perhaps not for its original purpose? “Upcycling,” or repurposing, these sorts of items is all the rage for the DIYers in our midst, and the team here at Robinson Builders may or may not have caught the bug. We found this beautiful antique filing cabinet but weren’t completely sure what to do with it. Pretty soon, genius struck and we realized that the cabinet would make a perfect vanity for the powder home in one of our newest home construction projects. (more…)

3 Ways a See Through Fireplace Can Enhance Your Home

“I say to myself that I shall try to make my life like an open fireplace, so that people may be warmed and cheered by it and so go out themselves to warm and cheer.”– George Matthew Adams

Few home features have as comforting and nostalgic an appeal as a fireplace. Maybe that’s why people looking to buy a new home are willing to pay more for a functional fireplace and people looking to add value to their home often opt to add one. And while a traditional woodburning or electric fireplace in the living room or bedroom is certainly an asset, you can take your home the extra mile by installing a “see-through” or double-sided fireplace. (more…)

Sliding French Doors…Beautiful Efficiency with a Classic Appeal

Your home is a wonderful place.  Your patio is a wonderful place. It follows that your patio door, the gateway between the home and the patio, should be similarly wonderful.

As a person planning on building a new home or remodeling an existing one, what do you think of when you imagine the most “wonderful” patio door? If you’re like many people, you think about a door that lets in natural light, maximizes space both indoors and outdoors, and operates with ease—all while remaining as energy efficient as possible. Sound like a dream (or perhaps just a very expensive door?) (more…)

What’s the focus?

The process of designing a new home is a fun adventure, but the number of choices and dilemmas involved can feel overwhelming. Sometimes during the planning and design stage it is difficult to accurately visualize the finished product, especially when it comes to decisions about ideal focal points for important rooms and spaces.  And even if a homeowner can basically visualize the end result from the 2-dimensional plans, they may still have some misgivings. (more…)