Now’s the Time to Build Your Outdoor Paradise

Build an Outdoor Kitchen or Living Room in Winter to Enjoy in the Spring!

Looking to get a Christmas present for yourself this season? Start plans for a new outdoor living space now so you can enjoy it when the warmer weather hits. We’re lucky to have pretty mild weather all year long in the Fort Worth area, but there’s nothing like relaxing on a covered patio while enjoying a warm early summer breeze. Not sure where to start? With some money to invest, an experienced remodeling professional and a little inspiration, you can enhance your home with a unique asset: an outdoor living space.

Here are some design tips to guide you.

  • Always consult electric, plumbing and gas professionals before breaking ground. This is especially critical when building an outdoor kitchen, where the design is dependent on appliances that often use gas.
  • Build fans and heaters into the plan. Let’s face it. Texas weather can be unpredictable. Design your outdoor living space with exterior heaters and ceiling fans so you can enjoy it year round, no matter what Mother Nature brings.
  • Consider entertainment. It’s easier to include things like speaker systems, televisions and the like during the construction process rather than after. Build the things you want into the design.
  • Mind the materials. Nothing is more frustrating than needing to replace floors, countertops and cushions that are ruined by the elements. Choose stainless steel for appliances and countertops (natural stone must be sealed regularly and tile can be high-maintenance). For the flooring, concrete is the most durable, cost effective option. Don’t worry, concrete doesn’t have to look stark and industrial. Use colored concrete and have it stamped or impressed to create the illusion of stone. Flagstone is another, more expensive option.
  • Make the outdoor space a visual extension of the indoor space.  Complement the rest of your home by incorporating the little things you love about it into the outdoor living space. Visitors will be floored by the clever continuity.

And some examples of the work Robinson Builders has done to give you a few ideas.

patio robinson ambience

With any outdoor living space, ambience is key.

outdoor robinson with grill

Here, the fireplace is the focal point, but the design complements that beautiful tree.

outdoor kitchen robinson

State of the art appliances for the chef and a television for the guests. Everyone can join in on the fun.

outdoor living robinson

An elegant home deserves an elegant outdoor living room.

If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth region and are looking to build the perfect outdoor living room or outdoor kitchen, call or contact Robinson Builders. We offer quality, deeply personal design and construction to suit your every need.

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