Building a Home in Fort Worth? Work with a Design/Build Firm

Building a home is a significant, costly investment and every effort should be made to lessen the stress and streamline the building process. One way to achieve this is to choose a design/build firm, instead of hiring an architect and contractor separately (commonly known as the design/bid/build model). While design/bid/build has been the traditional process to build or remodel, more homeowners are now choosing design/build for greater efficiency and cost control.

This chart that illustrates the differences between the two processes:


Design/Build Can Lead to…

 Better Communication

In the traditional design/bid/build process, there is a triangular relationship between owner, architect, and builder. Important information therefore must be conveyed to all parties. In design/build however, the architect/designer works directly for the builder, creating a linear relationship between builder and owner. This greatly reduces the risk of miscommunication and simplifies the process.

Cost Savings

At the beginning of a design/build project, the owner and builder establish the budget before launching the creative process. In a design/bid/build project, however, the owner and architect start with the design, and only become aware of the costs when estimates are received. This can cause stress and disappointment for the owner, who has already built up a lot of anticipation for their dream project.

Greater Involvement

The design/build process keeps the owner involved from day one. Whether it’s in creating a design that meets the budget, or making critical decisions during construction, the owner and builder work as a team to ensure all project goals are realized.

If you are looking to build a new custom home, add a new addition to your home, or start a remodeling project, consider choosing a design/build firm like Robinson Builders. Call (817) 371-7514 or complete a form to schedule a consultation.


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